How To Repair Your Own PC

How To Repair Your Own PC

Most of the things that computer experts do are ones that you can do yourself. Instead of paying a lot of money just to have a computer malware removed or your computer tuned up, you can do it yourself and save the cash. In this article, we will look at some of the tips that you can use to repair your computer.

What are the problems that you can solve by yourself?

While it is true some problems to your PC might require a professional touch, we provide you with some that you can handle by your own. They include:

l Viruses and malware removal

Until today, many people still have a problem with infected windows PCs. While some choose to wrestle with the problem, others pay exorbitant amounts to experts so they can have their PCs fixed. However, you can fix this problem on your own by consulting an antivirus test website. Here, you will get the right antivirus for your PC. Currently, kaspersky and Bitdefender are some of the best antiviruses that can help remove viruses and other computer malware from your PC.

l Reinstall the operating system

If your PC starts running slow over time, the solution is not replacing it but rather reinstalling the operating system. As you continue to use your computer, some apps that you have installed may start misbehaving thereby causing the machine to slow down. When you reinstall the operating system, you get the chance to start over thereby making the computer as good as new. Other problems that can be repaired by reinstalling the OS include regular file corruption and other weird errors.

l Removing of the included bloatware

If you have just bought a new PC, or you have restored your old one to its factory settings, it is important to uninstall all the useless software that comes with the computer. Most computer manufacturers include programs that might bear no meaning to you. When not used, these programs will slow your computer down. Therefore uninstalling them removes any chance of your computer running slow due to bloatware.

You also do not need to pay anything to have the boatware removed. You can single them out from meaningful programs by scanning your computer using PC Decrapifier and uninstall all the unnecessary software. On the other hand, you can manually remove the bloatware by opening the uninstall program control panel then remove them one after another.


Not all the problem that your PC faces actually needs a professional touch. You can save a lot of money by learning to do some basic repairs to your computer. Some of the hitches that you can repair on your own include viruses and any computer malware, file corruption and computer slow down.