Why Computers Still Fail in 2017

Why Computers Still Fail in 2017

It is the year 2017 and computers still fail. This can be attributed to the fact that most of the breakdowns are human errors. In that case, computers will continue to break down regardless of the year because humans will always make errors. However, people can better the situation by simply reducing some of the avoidable human errors. In this article, we will look at some of the errors that may lead to computers failing.

What are some of the causes of computer failure?

As aforementioned, humans make up for most of the errors that lead to computer failure. This can happen through accidental push of the power button or forgetting to check the battery level of the UPS. Below are some of the main causes to these failures:


  1. Voltage spike

Voltage spikes happen when there is a change in the electric power supply to your computer. The period that a voltage spike takes vary from milliseconds to longer period of time. However, a small glitch in the power supply is enough to cause your computer to misbehave. This mostly happens during extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms.


  1. Failure to install and update antivirus

Computers fail due to both hardware and software malfunction. For the software bit, it is necessary that you install and update working antivirus software. While many people install this antivirus software, not many take the step of updating them. As a result, their computers become vulnerable to virus and when they are under attack, they cannot defend themselves leading to failures and data loss, which may require someone like Miami Data Recovery, or an alternatively capable data recovery service company to assist.


  1. Inadequate cooling

Depending on the model, most computers tend to overheat as they continue to process data. If you use your computer for a long time without giving it a “breather” chances are that it will fail due to lack of cooling of the servers.

  1. Defective UPS devices

As their name suggests, UPS serve to provide uninterrupted power supply. Most offices nowadays have these devices with the aim of avoiding unnecessary computer shutdowns due to power loss. While the UPS mostly serve their functions, they can also cause damage to the computers especially when they malfunction. The UPS might cause short circuiting leading to the computer’s failure to work properly.


  1. DIY Repairs

Most people who own computers will try to repair the computers on their own in case of any hardware or software failure in a bid to cut on the expenses of hiring a professional. As a result, they end up damaging the computer even further.



Computers fail either for hardware or software malfunction. Either way, these failures are mostly because of human error. While this is inevitable, there are measures that can help minimize the possibilities of these computer failures arising.