Cyber security

The rapid growth of cyber-crimes and its effect and protection

Cyber security, computer security or IT security is nothing, but the protection of the computer hardware, software and the information from theft or damage that is being caused by the hackers all over the world. These kinds of damages can be caused either by the physical access to the computer hardware as well as spreading the harmful viruses through network access. The hacking of computers are of different types, it can be caused by clicking on the unknown links, or by connecting to the Wi-Fi which is unfamiliar, downloading the files from unfamiliar sites, and much more. Though computers, mobile phones, and laptops come with built-in firewall securities; they are 100 percent accurate in protecting our computer system.

Cyber Security

What are the various security techniques provided?

The common security measures are listed as follows:

  • Security by design: The software that is designed with high security may be helpful in protecting the system.
  • Security architecture: The IT security architecture has some special design that describes the position of the security controls, these help in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and assurance services and much more.
  • Securing operating system: Installing the operating system that is tested, reviewed, and designed with high-security method helps in protecting the systems from malware.

The vulnerability can be reduced by:

    Cryptography is the one form of technique that is used to reduce the harmful viruses getting into the computer system. Similarly, the two-factor authentication is a very popular method for stopping the unauthorized access. This is nothing but the use of “password” or “pin” to gain access to the computer system.

The methods for protecting the hardware:

    The malicious viruses that are introduced into the computer systems at the time of manufacturing through the microchips cause the damages to the hardware. This can be avoided by using the USB dongles, disabling the USB ports and accessing through the mobile could be made into biometric validation, and driver locks and much more.

Warfare or cyber terrorism:

    The cyber warfare is the highly threatening thing in which the war or fight will happen with just a click of a mouse can destroy the critical industries like transportation, military networks, the path of the jet fighters as well as the warships. This can be controlled by increasing the efficiency of the computer programs that are being used in such critical infrastructures.